“Springs Sauna Company is the designated sauna provider for our company. Their knowledge is superb and quality of materials and installations impeccable.”

DB Construction of Wichita Inc.

Where are our saunas?

Map of saunas shipped and installed by Springs Sauna

We ship in the US and in Canada, and install in the US.

People behind the screen

People behind the screen

“My father was born in a sauna. I grew up in Finland – the homeland of sauna. ...”

Jani Keinanen

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Springs Sauna Company is a premier provider of Authentic Finnish saunas, sauna parts and materials (heaters, doors, benches, wood panels, lights, accessories) at discount prices. We ship our products in the USA and in Canada and install saunas everywhere in the United States.

Our Saunas

Commercial Saunas

Commercial Saunas
Saunas for gyms, spas, country clubs, ships.

Prefabricated modular Saunas

Prefabricated Kits
Saunas made from pre-assembled modules.

Precut Saunas

Precut Kits
Saunas made from precut parts (wood panels, insulation etc.).

Outdoor Saunas (prefabricated and precut)

Outdoor Saunas
Prefabricated and precut models are available.

Heaters and Sauna Parts

Sauna Heaters

Sauna Heaters
Electric and woodburning. Switches and timers for electric heaters. Woodstove protective surround.

Wood options for saunas

Sauna Wood
Western Red Cedar
Western Hemlock
Alaskan Yellow Cedar
California Redwood

Sauna Doors

Sauna Doors
Wood, etched glass, and solid glass options. Custom doors.

Sauna wall panels

Wall Panels
1"x4" T&G panels from the best woods for sauna.

Sauna benches

Sauna Benches
Standard Finlandia benches.
Custom MUOTO-lauteet benches.

Sauna lights

Sauna Lights
Standard vapor proof wall lights and custom lights installations.

Sauna Accessories

fragrancessoapdoor handlehangerpailwood dipperstoolbrushthermometerthermometerhygrometermirrorsauna heater stonesflooring

bucket, pail, dipper, fragrance, aroma, lotion, soap, leg rest, head rest, bench mat, stool, brush, humidifier, stones, thermometer, hygrometer, timer, mirror, hanger, wall sign, door handle, vent, light, flooring, Superdek, Eurodek, Finlandia brand clothing